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Thank you to Cathy and her friendly service at Optihealth for helping my daughter feel so much better. We have been through some very difficult times this year but thankfully since the testing there has been a dramatic change. It is so lovely to see Lily smiling again, there is no more pain and she is back to the happy little girl we once knew. I would definitely recommend OptiHealth UK for Food Sensitivity Testing.
Julie Dorey
Having suffered many years of symptoms like bloating, constipation, nausea, acid reflux, tingling extremities, facial flushing, skin rashes and other allergies and generally feeling exhausted, my transformation after following Cathy's recommendations has been incredible. Several months in and I am feeling better than I have ever felt before. I am now out walking or jogging every day and feeling on top of the world! So a big "thank you" to Cathy for all your help!
Just wanted to write to note to express my thanks to Rosanna for helping me. I came to see her on a recommendation from a close friend. I had been having terrible digestive issues for many years and I heard my friend talking about her problems. She had similar problems with gas, bloating, stomach pains that I was having. I had noticed that she lost a lot of weight also. I booked in with Rosanna and found her to be really personable and put me at ease straight away. I had the testing done which I found very insightful. I left the appointment feeling really positive. I received an email the next morning with recommendations which I have been following for the past 5 weeks. I can not remember feeling this good in a long time. Thank you so much Rosanna. I have been singing your praises to everyone!
Mrs S Verma
Following a family recommendation, I consulted Cathy Foley in Camberley. I presented with a long history of debilitating IBS and other symptoms like mouth ulcers, bloating, sinus problems etc. After taking my full medical history it became obvious to Cathy that the many courses of antibiotics I'd taken for unrelated infections had badly affected my digestive system. Following the testing, Cathy recommended I eliminate gluten and a few other foods from my diet and suggested some supplements to take including a probiotic and the homeopathic remedy she supplied. The change in little more than a week was nothing short of a miracle and has, for me, been life changing. I've since had a follow up retest and continue to feel well and mostly symptom free. I'm continuing with the supplements and avoiding my food intolerances. Another positive is that having sorted out the inflammation in my body, a problem I had with a wrist tendon causing a lot of pain and requiring regular steroid injections to reduce the pain, has completely gone away. Cathy has helped me so much where conventional medicine failed.
I went to see Cathy with symptoms of tiredness, headaches, bloated stomach, loose bowels and unsettled sleep. After following the dietary changes that Cathy recommended for 10 weeks, I felt the best I have in many years. All my symptoms had either gone or massively improved. My improvement has been sustained and I now feel like I have the knowledge to help make sure it stays that way. Cathy's help and support has continued after my two consultations and I would recommend OptiHealth to anyone.
As a Fibromyalgia sufferer i was finding life pretty tough. After meeting with Cathy and following her recommendations i have seen dramatic improvements. My energy levels have increased and my low mood so much higher. There has been a reduction in joint and muscle pain and I no longer have sensitive teeth. I have changed my diet and for the first time in a long time finding the future bright. I found Cathy to be very knowledgeable and helpful and feel i have been given back my life. Thank you Cathy for all your support.