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Food Sensitivity Testing & Nutritional Advice

How we test for food sensitivity


Optihealth Uk uses Bioresonance testing which can be extremely helpful in determining food sensitivities by utilizing electromagnetic waves in order to test the body’s response to certain types of foods.

Simply hold onto an electrode connected to a small electronic device, and we’ll use the machine to test each item. The machine provides immediate results for the tested items. During your consultation, we’ll explain the results to you, as they’re available instantly.

Once we know what we are potentially reacting to we can take positive steps to eliminate a particular item or food group or just modify our eating habits.

Please note that the Qest4 is NOT a diagnostic or medical instrument. If you want diagnosis for a specific condition, please contact your GP. For more information on how this testing can help you please get in touch to book an appointment.

Please note that we are unable to test clients with a pacemaker fitted or those that are in their first trimester of pregnancy.