Optihealth UK -Food Sensitivity testing and Nutritional Advice

OptiHealth UK has been providing Food Sensitivity testing and Nutritional advice since 2008. With clinics located in Camberley, Alton, Theale, Hayes/Middlesex, and London, we use the latest digital technology to offer our services.

Our QEST 4 testing system is one of the most advanced bioresonance health screening systems in the world, thanks to decades of continuous improvements.

We can help you identify your Food Sensitivities which can lead to many health issues including:

First step towards reducing symptoms

Symptoms caused by food sensitivities are often ignored by many people as they do not manifest immediately. However, certain types of food can be challenging for the digestive system to process, leading to a gradual buildup of unpleasant symptoms.

To help alleviate these symptoms, the first step is to identify the specific food that your digestive system is struggling to process and eliminate or reduce it from your diet, often for a temporary period.

Qualified & Experienced

OptiHealth UK Practitioners have provided food sensitivity testing and nutritional advice since 2008 and are passionate about helping people improve their health and wellbeing through providing a personalised set of recommendations to follow.

Our experienced practitioners are registered with the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and hold Diplomas in Anatomy, Physiology and Nutritional Advice.

Optihealth UK clinics in Alton, Camberley and Theale also offer food intolerance testing via blood samples as part of our Nutritional therapy service, registered and regulated by the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Client Testimonials

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Cathy and Optihealth for all the help and advice I received. I suffered, like a lot of the other reviewers, from bloating, tiredness, headaches, constipation and digestive problems. I completely took on board all the information concerning foods I need to cut out altogether (gluten, wheat and a few others) and foods to cut down on and took the recommended supplements. It was only a few days before I noticed a huge difference.I no longer require any prescribed medication for my heartburn and indigestion and my system is running along smoothly now. 14 weeks down the line and I have lost 1 stone in weight (bonus!), no bloating, I'm full of energy and sleeping so much better.I was a complete sceptic to start with but now I'm a convert and whole heartedly recommend the programme to anyone out there having problems to give it a try
Customer Review
Thank you to Cathy and her friendly service at Optihealth for helping my daughter feel so much better. We have been through some very difficult times this year but thankfully since the testing there has been a dramatic change.It is so lovely to see Lily smiling again, there is no more pain and she is back to the happy little girl we once knew. I would definitely recommend OptiHealth UK for Food Sensitivity Testing.
Julie Dorey
Customer Review
Optihealth visited us in October 2011 and the experience was extremely satisfying. On the day, all appointments ran smoothly and it was greatly appreciated our testers were willing to stay after regular office hours. The feedback received from our employees was very positive.People have followed the suggestions from Cathy and Rosanna, and they feel it has been extremely helpful. Some have lost weight, some have more energy - everybody is happier! This was a great experience that changed people’s way of life in a very positive way.
Kelly Veske
Customer Review

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