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City of London Clinic

Food Sensitivity Testing & Nutritional Advice
Optihealth UK DO NOT test for allergies but DO offer food sensitivity testing.

City of London Clinic

Located close to Liverpool Street station. This clinic is ideally located for people working in London and for those travelling in from outside London by train, tube, or bus.

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  • Full case health history
  • Current food plan analysis
  • Testing for over 200 food / beverage and phenolic sensitivities
  • Testing for vitamin, mineral and digestive enzyme imbalances
  • Environmental Sensitivity Test
  • Balancing Homeopathic Remedy ( to be sent out post test )
  • 8 week plan including nutritional and dietary advice ( to be sent out post test via email)
*to qualify for follow up price appointment needs to be taken within 6 months of the initial consultation
  • Retesting of the foods eliminated/reduced
  • Review progress made since initial consultation test.
  • Look at symptoms remaining
  • Follow up plan of action ( to be sent out post test via email)
  • A new balancing homeopathic remedy ( to be sent out post test )