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Reviewed by Reed Smith LLP on
My experience as a personal client with OptihealthUK was so good that I asked them to come and offer the food intolerance/allergy testing to employees at my place of work. An impressive turnout of staff took advantage of the opportunity and I feel that we as an employer, have a healthier workforce as a result. The process is very hands off for the employer. OptihealthUK manage the communications with the employees once they have booked their place, they manage the online booking system and any queries that come from the employee, so anyone working in a fast paced, long hours workplace but looking to get OptihealthUK to their place of work can arrange this with the minimum of their time required. Feedback such as courtesy, professionalism and superior client service attitude as well as exemplary customer service, empathy, competence and 'breath of fresh air' sum up OptihealthUK. We are inviting them back later in the year.
Reviewed by Marion Brown on
A huge thank you to Cathy for finally helping me overcome my 10 years plus stomach problems. Really practical and useful analysis and advice that I will be able to keep applying for the longer term. I could tell the vitamins prescribed were really high quality and began to feel better in just a few weeks. Wonderful to wake up in the morning and finally feel well. Would recommend to anyone struggling to find the root cause of IBS or food intolerance issues
Reviewed by Kelly Veske on
Optihealth visited us in October 2010 and the experience was extremely satisfying. On the day, all appointments ran smoothly and it was greatly appreciated our testers were willing to stay after regular office hours. The feedback received from our employees was very positive. People have followed the suggestions from Cathy and Rosanna, and they feel it has been extremely helpful. Some have lost weight, some have more energy - everybody is happier!
This was a great experience that changed people’s way of life in a very positive way.
Reviewed by Maria on
Just to let you know that since I saw you I now have my life back! After about 5 days I started to feel incredibly better and it’s been transformational – no m.e. symptoms, no ibs and I’m probably feeling the best I have in 20 years. P.s. family and friends can’t believe how well i am and I have recommended you to several people, including my m.e. group
Reviewed by Brian on
After the intolerance test I eliminated a few foods from my diet and replaced them with alternatives... What a difference its made in 16 weeks. I lost two stone, my cholestero l reduced to 5.6 and my doctor has taken me off the blood pressure tablets.I feel so much more healthier and have far more energy than before
Reviewed by Piara on
Since starting this new regime, I do feel much better in myself. The pain I used to get in my chest/upper stomach region seems to have decreased as well as the cramps. My bowel movements are also much regular and consistent. Hence I do feel your advice and suggestions have been helping, and I appreciate this very much.
Reviewed by LISA WAITE on
I took my daughter (15) to Cathy Foley, at Optihealth in Nov 2012. My daughter had had, at times, severe stomach pains for about 6/7 months – which her Gp had put down to hormones, growth spurt and stress, and told her to eat bran every morning and take a muscle relaxant-neither of which helped. Going to Optihealth -Because she asked the right questions, Cathy was able to piece together the likelihood of the body not digesting gluten and that she was dehydrated. She ensured understanding, gave lots of good advice, homeopathic drops and advice on supplements and most importantly the suggestion to reduce gluten intake. My daughter felt the good effects of this almost immediately and is now very happy as she has worked out her limit of gluten intake and she is eating a more balanced diet, and drinking more. She no longer complains of stomach pains or head rushes, so thank you Cathy all has been very successful
Reviewed by Jas Eari on
Rosanna is a wonderful therapist who gives her undivided attention and also gives a detailed report and recommendations for a healthy life. A session with her is highly recommended.
Reviewed by Ms Toumazou on
Rosanna thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your care, wisdom and guidance. You have helped my mother in a way that I would never been able to without your knowledge. Thank you also as feel better already for cutting out the gluten...you have helped me to refine my diet with accuracy. I really hope that our paths cross again in the future.
Reviewed by Jean on
Hi Cathy-It was really good to meet you yesterday.Your experience and the test was amazing and much more than what I had hoped for.Many thanks for all the attachments which I have gone through.I know I will be referring to these again as there is a lot to take in.
Many thanks for all the information and help as it has all been really postive and gives me
confidence that my body and symptons can be dealt with.
Reviewed by Chelsea on
Thank you so much to Cathy for helping me in just 8 weeks. Spent a very long time with bad stomach pains, lack of energy and feeling very sick which Gp palms off as ibs. With Cathy's help to cut out the foods that were bothering me I am no longer in pain and and am very happy to be back to myself. Thank you :)
Reviewed by Charlotte on
I went to see Cathy 10 weeks ago with severe swelling around my eyes and doctors only wanted to prescribe me steroids. But i was determined to get to the root of the problem and with the test i found out i had Candida in my gut and was gluten and lactose intolerant. Thanks to eliminating these foods and being prescribed the right supplements i have reversed the symptoms and can slowly start re introducing them again. My energy levels are high all day long and i sleep deeper than ever. I highly recommend going to see Cathy if your suffering from something and want to get better the natural way in which our bodies are designed for. Many thanks!
Reviewed by Hatty on
cannot recommend Optihealth UK enough for anyone suspecting that they may have food intolerance. I have suffered with symptoms for years and my doctors finally said it was IBS, and the only possible thing was to treat the symptoms. Cathy was recommended by a colleague, and I was keen to get the the root of the problem. With the test I found out that there were several foods, particularly lactose and gluten that my body was struggling with. After 9 weeks of eliminating those foods and taking recommended supplements I feel amazing. All of my digestive symptoms have disappeared, my enemy levels have increased, and I have lost 1/2 stone without really trying. Cathy is so friendly and explains everything really clearly. Thank you so much.
Reviewed by Ben Fitzgerald on
If anyone is thinking about taking the test and you are in the west London area. Go and see
Rosanna Francis. She is a lovely person and delivers all of the info you require in a calm but efficient manor. I can honestly say it was a great experience and I got a lot of info about what we eat and how the body breaks it down. I got a .11 consultation and the email correspondence has been first class. I cant recommend taking the test enough.
Ben. 33 West London
Reviewed by Mirranda Lehmann on
I have to say a massive thank you to Cathy Foley, having suffered with crippling weekly migraines following the birth of my daughter for about a year, I was at my wits end and the hospital neurologist said the only treatment was a 3 month preventative course of coeds with all sorts of side effects. Thankfully I took Cathy's advice and cut out dairy and my migraines have dramatically reduced to one per month sometimes every other month and they are not as severe when I do get them. My goal is to follow Cathy's recommended programme by implementing small changes and hopefully they will disappear all together.
Reviewed by Charlotte on
I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Cathy and Optihealth for all the help and advice I receiv.. I suffered, like a lot of the other reviewers, from bloating, tiredness, headaches, constipation and digestive problems. I completely took on board all the information concerning foods I need to cut out altogether (gluten, wheat and a few others) and foods to cut down on and took the recomrnended supplements. It was only a few days before I noticed a huge difference. Out of necessity everything I now eat is freshly prepared by rny.lf. I no longer nsquire rny prescribed rnedication for rny heartbum/indigestion and my system is running along smoothly now. 14 weeks down the line and I have lost 1 stone in weight (bonus!), no bloating, f.I full of energy and sl.ping so much better. I was a complete skeptic to srert with but now I'm a convert and wholeh.rtedly r.ornmend the programme to anyone out there having problems to give it a try.
Reviewed by Farah on
Thank you very much, Cathy, for your tremendous help on my joumey to renewed health, energy and wellbeing. The test results have been a great eye opener around my nutritional needs, the supplements required as well as the foods to avoid/cut out of my diet. The homeopathic remedy and the nutritional plans adopted have helped to re-balance my digestive system and get rid of longstanding symptoms like bloating and tiredness. I have experienced steady increases in energy levels, and the ability to concentrate. I am now also starting to see improvements in weight management. Thank you!
Reviewed by Tracey on
I'm generally quite healthy but I started to become bloated and gassy more and more frequently. Taking up a friends recommendation I made an appointment to s. Rosanna who turned out to be so lovely, professional, helpful and knowledgable. We ended up chatting like friends and I felt very comfortable asking her all sort of questions. Rosanna is a great representative of what she does professionally but without coming across as intimidating (but rather the opposite!) Thank you very much Rosanna for all your help. My issues have pretty much gone away and I'm paying special attention to not consuming too much of those foods that I'm sensitive to.
Thanks again,
Tracy, London
Reviewed by Emily on
I cannot thank Cathy enough for all her help. I've had two tests done now and feel I'm well on my way to recovery. After suffering with digestive problems for around four years, I finally feel like I'm getting back to normal. I'm feeling more energised, less digestive problems, no more painful periods and no more headaches! It has made the world of difference and I feel like life is back on track. Would highly recommend. Thanks again.
Reviewed by jan on
I went to sse Rosanna at her Liverpool Street clinic after a friend recornmended her. I was suffering with randorn allergic reactions for over a year and was on antihistarnines daily. Rosanna was very personable and imrnediately put me at ea.. We went through a series of tests and the following day results were emailed to me with a list of recommendation along with lots of other interesting information. Fingers crossed after 2 weeks following the suggestions I have not had a reaction and I am on w.k 4. Can't thank you enough for the consultation.
Reviewed by Jo Stravens on
Hi Cathy ....Its bizarrely 4 weeks to the day actually. Just thought i would get in touch to say i feel sooooooo much better!!
I can’t thank you enough and have now recommended you to a million people - think you might have had a few calls already.
I have not got the hideous urge for chocolate anymore and more energy, no bloating and not feeling sick if i eat more than a salad. So all good!!
Thank you
Reviewed by Toni on
After suffering with what my GP has diagnosed as the catch-all "IBS" for over a decade, a visit to Cathy at OptiHealth has finally made me feel a hundred times better!
I now understand that the Laxido prescribed by my GP effectively makes your bowels lazy and unable to digest certain things, which has only exacerbated the issue (cheers, Doc!).
Even changing my diet following Cathy's advice saw a number of my symptoms reduced considerably and after a follow up which has confirmed the marked improvement, I anticipate the introduction of the recommended supplements to further boost my "recovery" (admittedly I was sceptical at first, so held back on the additional outlay for supplements - I'm definitely converted now, though!).
Honestly the best £75 I have ever spent as I now feel that there's a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm no longer feeling so lethargic, bloated, etc. I can't thank Cathy and OptiHealth enough!
Reviewed by Karla Beamish on
Would like to say a massive thank you to Cathy for combating my 15 yrs + stomach problems. After following the diet Cathy recommended for me and taking the prescribed vitamins and supplements I noticed an almost immediate improvement and this continued throughout the weeks. Not only have my symptoms disappeared , I have also lost weight and my skin and hair are noticable healthier looking so 3 added/unexpected benefits to boot! Would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks very much Cathy.
Reviewed by Piera on
Thank you Cathy for all your help and understanding. It's been eight weeks since my allergy test and the constant frequency, pressure and burning in my bladder has really calmed down. I have much more energy and my body doesn't ache any more. Thank you again for your advice and for helping my family too.
Reviewed by Scott Wilkins on
I've been to see Optihealth twice now and am pleased with the analysis, treatment and follow up. If you're looking to improve and be the best you can for yourself, then what better way to start than from within. The analysis is comprehensive and although some of the language is complicated, Cathy explains everything very well and relays it in a fashion that makes sense.

The suppliments can be temporary or ongoing, but are certainly affordable and worthy.

I recommend anyone do this to see how their body is working and to see if they can change for the better !
Reviewed by C on
I have to admit that I was sceptical of the test before getting my five year old tested, but frankly I had had enough of his constant stomach problems (and his behaviour) and was willing to give it a go for the relatively small cost of testing. The advice provided has, for the first time in his life, led to him not having stomach problems. I stopped sticking to the advice during our family holiday and the symptoms returned. When we stick to the advice, his behaviour also improves slightly - he is less irritable/highly strung, which leads to a far more harmonious household! He also seems to be less wriggly at night, so falls our of bed less and gets a better nights sleep.
Reviewed by Natalie on
I went to see Cathy in June after constantly feeling sick and having stomach problems for about 4 years. I had been to the doctors numerous times with no joy. I was very sceptical about going to see Cathy but was willing to try anything!
After about 5 weeks of seeing Cathy and making a few small changes to my diet and taking the recommended supplements I felt almost 100% better. It was the best money I have ever spent and will definitely be recommending her.
Thank you so much
Reviewed by Emma on
After suffering with intense stomach pains, bloating, weigh gain, an annoying cough, itchy skin etc and having been prescribed every medication possible by the doctors I was advised by a friend to be checked out for allergies.
I found Cathy online and it was the best move I ever made- I finally know what foods cause which symptoms, which foods I can have as a treat and which foods to completely avoid.
Over the last few weeks I wasn't eating the foods I should and all symptoms returned- I simply went back to see Cathy and she has pointed me back in the right direction!
I plan to see Cathy every 6 months to keep me on the right track as it allows me to be much more in control of my body.
Everything is very low cost and worth every penny
Thanks Cathy!
Reviewed by Elizabeth on
After years of unexplained weight gain, a face rash that wouldn't clear up and digestive problems I went to optihealth after I started really swelling up at times. Within two days of cutting out the foods I tested as allergic to the rash had gone, and the digestive trouble and swelling stopped. The weight has also fallen off - in the 6.5 months since I was tested I've dropped from a size 18 to size 12. Anyone wondering whether or not to go to optihealth - go! You won't regret it, it's made a massive difference to my health and I really can't recommend it enough.
Reviewed by Cristina on
I was diagnosed two years ago with acute oesophagitis due to GERD, for as long as I can remember I always struggled with horrible acid reflux and feeling sick and bloated, weight gain, I just always felt unwell in general. I was told that I would always have to take tablets to regulate my condition and this just never sat well with me as I felt it would never cure any root problem. I decided to get tested to see if there was anything I was eating or affecting me further that led to me feeling so unwell all the time.
The best decision I ever made was to make my appointment to see Cathy, she was not only lovely and knowledgeable but after my first test was able to pin point foods that were affecting me. This was back in January and I had a second test in April, I have followed Cathy's recommendations and I can honestly say that I have never felt better. I am off my tablets now and feel amazing! Thank you Cathy for everything!!
Reviewed by Lauren on
I went to see Cathy in October 2015 after almost a year out of work, as a result of burn out and numerous symptoms which developed. I have suffered with digestive issues most of my life and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 5 years ago. Since my burn out, my Colitis flared tremendously and a mixture of other symptoms came out - vertigo, nausea, vomiting, fainting, erratic heart beats, chronic fatigue, raynuards, migraines, back pains, glandular issues, anxiety and others.

I was recommended Cathy by a friend and it was the best move I ever made! I was not sure what to expect, as I had already seen countless doctors and specialists regarding my health issues, and I was not finding any luck in finding a helpful solution. Doctors eventually turned around and stated that I would soon have to accept this is my new way of life (effectively unable to get about or be independent by any means, let alone return to work)! But I knew deep down this would not be so - I was determined to get my life back and be active again soon!

After just 2 months I am feeling back to my old self and looking for a job again, as I now have the strength in order to function throughout the day. I finally know what foods were hindering my recovery and causing me to be sick. My symptoms have reduced significantly - Colitis has dramatically calmed, nausea and vomiting has disappeared, no dizziness or vertigo, no fainting, and generally I have more energy.

After taking the recommended supplements and amending my diet, I feel almost 100% better. It was the best move I have ever made and money well spent. Cathy has been a great help and I know I would not have made this progress if it was not for her help. Thank you for giving me my life back!
Reviewed by Karen on
I had an appointment with Rosanna a couple of months ago and would highly recommend both Rosanna & the Aysra testing. It provided me with useful insights and knowledge that has helped me eliminate certain foods & work on replacing them with healthy alternatives. It also highlighted a lack of vitamins, so I was recommended supplements. I have tweaked my diet slightly and am more aware of the different foods I eat and the effects they have on my body. A mixture of this change and some light regular exercise has also helped me to loose a couple of kilos, which has been an added benefit. I definitely feel and look healthier as a result! I would recommend this test to anyone who would like more knowledge of how their bodies respond to certain foods, vitamins with practical advice on what they should eat. Thank you Rosanna!
Reviewed by Karen on
I had an appointment with Rosanna a couple of months ago and would highly recommend both Rosanna & the Aysra testing. It provided me with useful insights and knowledge that has helped me eliminate certain foods & work on replacing them with healthy alternatives. It also highlighted a lack of vitamins, so I was recommended supplements. I have tweaked my diet slightly and am more aware of the different foods I eat and the effects they have on my body. A mixture of this change and some light regular exercise has also helped me to loose a couple of kilos, which has been an added benefit. I definitely feel and look healthier as a result! I would recommend this test to anyone who would like more knowledge of how their bodies respond to certain foods, vitamins with practical advice on what they should eat. Thank you Rosanna!
Reviewed by Tammy on
Hi Rosanna ,
I just thought I'd give you an update , it's always nice to hear you've done a good job!
I cut out 95% of wheat and gluten from my diet, and dramatically reduced the other foods . My digestive system calmed down 100%!
It's so nice not having the stress and embarrassment of having a loud grumbling belly while I'm doing facials now, and obviously a piece of mind to know it's nothing more serious!

My rash on my face calmed down and disappeared , but I changed my contraceptive pill at the same time so I was never sure which caused it, until now. It's all flared up again really badly so I assume it is all the wheat I have eaten over Xmas ( I didn't bother trying to cut out as we were at families for Xmas ) .
So now I know and just wanted to say thank you.
I hope your business continues to be successful .
Reviewed by Ali on
I highly recommend, I went to see Cathy in Camberley back in October and my symptoms have improved dramatically, I wish I done it ages ago instead of struggling on. I especially noticed the difference comparing this years Christmas Day with last years, I had no issues at all and I ate food that I should cut out or restrict. I don't understand how the machine works but who cares it worked for, definitely worth it, thank you
Reviewed by Yvonne Haggard on
Hi Cathy
Finding you and Optihealth was in my opinion the best thing I've done in 10 years. Before the tests and subsequent change in my diet my life has been transformed. It is amazing the difference it has made. I will and do recommend Cathy Foley and Optihealth for any one who has any issues with their tummies or any allergies or are suffering from condition that need constant medicine or medical intervention. Optihealth can open up doors you may think have been closed for ever and give you a better quality of life to boot.
Reviewed by claire on
As a Fibromyalgia sufferer i was finding life pretty tough. After meeting with Cathy and following her recommendations i have seen dramatic improvements. My energy levels have increased and my low mood so much higher. There has been a reduction in joint and muscle pain and I no longer have sensitive teeth. I have changed my diet and for the first time in a long time finding the future bright. I found Cathy to be very knowledgeable and helpful and feel i have been given back my life. Thank you Cathy for all your support.
Reviewed by Viv on
I went to see Cathy with symptoms of tiredness, headaches, bloated stomach, loose bowels and unsettled sleep. After following the dietary changes that Cathy recommended for 10 weeks, I felt the best I have in many years. All my symptoms had either gone or massively improved. My improvement has been sustained and I now feel like I have the knowledge to help make sure it stays that way. Cathy's help and support has continued after my two consultations and I would recommend OptiHealth to anyone.
Reviewed by Liz Murray on
Following a family recommendation, I consulted Cathy Foley in Camberley.
I presented with a long history of debilitating IBS and other symptoms like mouth ulcers, bloating, sinus problems etc.
After taking my full medical history it became obvious to Cathy that the many courses of antibiotics I'd taken for unrelated infections had badly affected my digestive system.
Following the testing, Cathy recommended I eliminate gluten and a few other foods from my diet and suggested some supplements to take including a probiotic and the homeopathic remedy she supplied.
The change in little more than a week was nothing short of a miracle and has, for me, been life changing.
I've since had a follow up retest and continue to feel well and mostly symptom free. I'm continuing with the supplements and avoiding my food intolerances.
Another positive is that having sorted out the inflammation in my body, a problem I had with a wrist tendon causing a lot of pain and requiring regular steroid injections to reduce the pain, has completely gone away.
Cathy has helped me so much where conventional medicine failed.
Reviewed by Mrs S Verma on
Just wanted to write to note to express my thanks to Rosanna for helping me.
I came to see her on a recommendation from a close friend. I had been having
terrible digestive issues for many years and I heard my friend talking about
her problems. She had similar problems with gas, bloating, stomach pains
that I was having. I had noticed that she lost a lot of weight also. I
booked in with Rosanna and found her to be really personable and put me at
ease straight away. I had the testing done which I found very insightful. I
left the appointment feeling really positive. I received an email the next
morning with recommendations which I have been following for the past 5
weeks. I can not remember feeling this good in a long time. Thank you so
much Rosanna. I have been singing your praises to everyone!
Reviewed by Zoe on
Having suffered many years of symptoms like bloating, constipation, nausea, acid reflux, tingling extremities, facial flushing, skin rashes and other allergies and generally feeling exhausted, my transformation after following Cathy's recommendations has been incredible. Several months in and I am feeling better than I have ever felt before. I am now out walking or jogging every day and feeling on top of the world! So a big "thank you" to Cathy for all your help!
Reviewed by Julie Dorey on
Thank you to Cathy and her friendly service at Optihealth for helping my daughter feel so much better. We have been through some very difficult times this year but thankfully since the testing there has been a dramatic change. It is so lovely to see Lily smiling again, there is no more pain and she is back to the happy little girl we once knew. I would definitely recommend OptiHealth UK for Food Sensitivity Testing.

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