Allergy & Food Intolerance Testing
can be a daunting subject 
Let us answer some of your questions

What is Asyra PRO bio-energetic health screening?

Health screening with the Qest4/Asyra is a painless, quick and simple way of assessing energetic imbalances that may assist us in finding out how your body is functioning. The results from health screening allow us to give you an personalised recommendation plan  in order to promote health and healing. Plus, by keeping an eye on your nutrient levels and avoiding intolerant foods, your body has the best chance of maintaining and promoting health, fitness and well-being.

What health concerns might we help with ?

Qest4/Asyra health screening may  help to improve anyone’s health and wellbeing and is helpful in a wide range of health concerns. It is particularly useful for people suffering from: allergies; autism; arthritis; asthma; candida; depression; digestive problems; low energy levels & fatigue; food sensitivities (gluten, wheat orwheator lactose intolerance); headaches; hormonal issues; hyper-activity; IBS; insomnia; menopause; ME; MS; migraines; parasites; PMS; skin problems; stress; thyroid problems; weight gain or weight loss.

Is it age-dependent?

Any age can be tested - from young babies to the elderly. Qest4/Asyra testing is non-invasive and painless.

What happens at an Qest4/Asyra screening and how does it work?

Health screening with the Qest4/Asyra simply involves sitting in a chair and holding two small brass bars connected to both the diagnostic machine and a computer. The Qest4/Asyra then uses a process called bio-feedback to test and record the body’s energetic response to various substances. There is no waiting for results and a printed report can be given to you to take away or emailed.

What is biofeedback?

We all respond to our environments in various ways. If you see, taste or hear something you really like, you will think good thoughts and your body will physically respond by relaxing, producing saliva etc. If, however, you experience something undesirable you will respond very differently; tension, shallow breathing, thoughts of how to avoid it, etc. Bio-feedback is the body’s own electrical process of monitoring how your body responds to various stimuli. The Asyra screening simply passes different stimuli through the body and records how it responds.

How long does the consultation and test take?

The Qest4/Asyra screening itself is very quick, but you should allow between one and one and a half hours for the entire process. This allows time for an initial consultation where a thorough case history will be taken so that you can inform us of any health problems or concerns you have. Time will also be needed after the test to interpret the results and explain the findings to you, to run any further tests if required and to discuss recommended treatment with you.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies - please see our Clinics page for more details. The cost includes the consultation, any Qest4/Asyra tests run, a homeopathic desensitising remedy and a personalised treatment plan. The price also includes support between appointments, via email or phone, if needed. Prices do not include supplements.

Will I need further appointments?

Follow up appointments are recommended as they help you to see your progress. Also healing often occurs in layers, and once one layer is treated, the next can be addressed. It is usual for clients to have a follow-up appointment 8 - 12 weeks after their first consultation to monitor progress. This is very individual and will depend on your needs and the Qest4/Asyra test findings.