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What Are Allergies / Food Sensitivities?


As the commercials on television will tell you (and it is true) 70% - 80% of your immune system lives right around your intestines. It is a smart manoeuvre in human design because anything you eat, drink, breathe, or swallow goes straight into your gastrointestinal tract.


Therefore the cereal you had for breakfast is evaluated just the same as the flu-bug you inhaled while queuing up for coffee... and your immune system then has to decide - friend or foe? Many of us would assume the flu-bug must be destroyed and the cereal can live to see another day, right? Well, what if you put milk in your cereal and you shouldn’t have milk or lactose? What if your cereal is made up of wheat and you’re intolerant to wheat? What if your cereal also has soy for extra protein and soy is the enemy? What if you didn’t know?


A survey of 5,200 people in the UK carried out in January 2007 by Allergy UK (a medical charity founded in 1991) showed 59% reported themselves as having food intolerance and 41% having classic food allergy symptoms.


The full report can be seen at under the “Stolen Lives 3” report. A startling statistic was that 67% stated that their GP did not understand their food problems. There are two main responses that can occur.


First type of Allergy Response - IgE

The first type is the typical ‘immediate allergy response’ reaction which is quite rare - the most common examples being the people who eat nuts and have an anaphylactic reaction; those who find that drinking citrus juice causes their lips to swell up; those that come into contact with cats or dogs will have an asthma attack. It is an immediate response and governed by an immune antibody called, IgE. This response is usually a permanent and fixed allergy. For this type of reaction a Blood Test is highly recommended.


Second type of Allergy Response

The second type of response is non-IgE-mediated or ‘delayed-onset allergy response’. This is a delayed response and may not produce a symptom for 2 to 48 hours, or even 72 hours. This means if you drink a glass of milk on Monday, you may not notice any lactose intolerance symptoms until Tuesday or Wednesday. But what if you drink a glass of milk every day? Then these symptoms could be an everyday problem because you are prolonging your delayed responses. A simple change to Lactofree products could make a huge difference.  


Clients often report no gas or bloating, no constipation and no diarrhoea, but do find themselves being tired all the time, suffering with mild headaches that come and go or persist constantly, dry skin, bad PMS, hot flashes, chronic stuffy nose or constantly clearing their throat. . . these can all be food related too.


In my experience, I see smaller odd-ball foods too that produce large ‘Ah-ha!’ moments when discovered on testing. “I eat that every day!”, or “I grew up on those!”, or even “I take that as a supplement”.


Of course the food you eat is probably not responsible for ALL of your symptoms, but it could be perpetuating an unhealthy cycle. For example, allergies and hyper-sensitivities might not be the only reason for your joint pain but the inflammations they produce make your pain that much worse. If you are going to eat three meals a day anyway, then you might as well make them worth your while by saying goodbye to foods that are not benefiting your health and take note of the changes in your symptoms. You just might have an ‘Ah-ha’ moment too.


Not all food related symptoms are intestinal problems, allergic reactions can be triggered from environmental issues such as dust mites or pet hair.


If you suffer from Digestive Disorders such as Gas, Bloating, Irregular Bowels etc, Headaches and Migraine, Tiredness and Fatigue, Weight Gain or Weight Loss, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and Skin Complaints, Asthma, Hayfever, Arthritis, Catarrh and Sinus Congestion, IBS, Anxiety, Depression, Hyperactivity or recurring boutsboats of Cystitis, Thrush or Hives, an Qest4/Asyra Screening test with OptiHealth UK could change your life for the better.